Trademarks & Legal Information

"Athelon" is a registered Trademark (Servicemark) identifying Goods and Services for the Athelon Corporation. This trademark is protected under United States federal law. The corporation will defend its trademark against illegal use or any attempts at dilution. Athelon develops products and provides services for many industries and reserves the exclusive right to produce and sell said products and services using the registered Athelon Mark.

WinCOE and WinPACS are also Athelon trademarks and identify with their respective products.

Athelon authorizes use of its trademarks when identifying with its products. The company would appreciate you attributing ownership of Athelon trademarks to the Athelon Corporation by using trademark symbols (™ or SM or ®).

Other designated trademarks and brands used in illustrations on the Athelon Web site are the property of their respective owners and are used strictly to identify specific products. These trademarks and brand names are used in strict accordance with the guidelines set forth by their respective owners.